Plant a pollinator garden

According to Keith Tignor, Virginia State Apiarist at VDACS, “We are experiencing about a 30 percent loss of hives per year and we are tackling the problem in a variety of ways.  One way it to encourage people to plant pollinator gardens or pollinator window boxes.

CFC Farm & Home Center stocks Olds Pollinator Seed Mixes.  The two ounce bag has enough pure seed to cover 200 square feet.  This mix is exclusively formulated to provide a food source throughout the season, keeping honey bee colonies healthy and productive.

Pollinator Seed Package

Planting tips

Sow seed in areas having at least one-half day sunlight.

Prepare the site for small seeds making sure it is smooth and free of debris.

Use a starter fertilizer such as Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus.

Bag of Biotone Starter Plus

After establishment let plants reseed themselves.


Enjoy your flowers and help save the bees!