Seed potatoes are on the shelf in our five CFC Farm & Home Center locations.  I was selecting some to plant in my garden when I started to wonder about the origins of this crop.  I know from my experiences dining with Peruvian friends they take their potatoes very seriously.  As it turns out, with good reason, since potatoes originated in that part of the world.  I have eaten some delicious yellow flesh potatoes at Peruvian restaurants so I got to wondering about the origins of the Yukon Gold potato.  I didn’t have to wonder long.  A quick check of Wikipedia provided my answer.  Turns out a couple of scientist at the University of Guelph in Canada developed the Yukon Gold potato at the suggestion of a Peruvian graduate student.  See the full article .

Wondering how to get your potato garden going? Read our article on Certified Seed Potatoes for information about how to plant your potatoes.

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