No matter what your horse's dietary needs are, you'll find solutions here, with Pace-Maker and Tribute Horse Feeds.



Easy Keeper

A horse or pony that requires a smaller than average amount of feed due to ... Learn More

Hard Keeper

A horse or pony that requires a larger than average amount of feed due to a... Learn More

Performance Horse

A horse or pony engaged in regular scheduled activity such as showing, comp... Learn More

Senior Horse

There is no particular age at which a horse is determined to be in need of ... Learn More

Growing Horse

From weaning until adult; the point at which growth stops varies by breed h... Learn More

Mares & Foals

Pregnant and lactating broodmares and nursing foals. Learn More

Racing & Intense Work

Horses training and competing at the peak of their physical abilities. Exam... Learn More

The Herd

Feeds appropriate for a variety of horses not engaged in any particular act... Learn More

Ration Balancers

A source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals; can be fed by its... Learn More

Equine Minerals

A source of high quality mineral and vitamin salt for horses on an all fora... Learn More

Equine Blocks

Complete mineral/vitamin supplement designed especially for the needs of ho... Learn More

Tribute Ultra GH

Tribute Ultra GH is a new product designed to support the horse‚Äôs gastroint... Learn More