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Quick Reference Guide to Wildlife Seed Planting Dates

Best time to plant various plot seeds...(more)

How to Plant a Wildlife Plot

Basic needs for planting a 1/2 acre or brassica-based wildlife plot...(more)

Agricultural Worker Protection Standard Comparison Chart

The EPA has published a comparison chart to help Agricultural Producers see the changes that have occurred with the updates in the Agricultural Worker Protection Standards.

Spring Alfalfa Field Update 2016

Alfalfa fields have been growing well across most of Virginia the last few weeks.

Pollinators and Farms are a Natural Fit

Have you considered adding pollinator mixes to you farmscape? It really is a natural fit.

Growing windows and how to use them

This article has a link to a growing window methodology for a number of common crops.

Caring for Small Acreage

Fertilizing, Weed Control & Seeding Small Acreage and Paddocks

Learning Summer Annuals

Great article from Kings AgriSeeds about managing summer annuals