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Forage Quality - Know what your are feeding

For many years I, and other nutritionists, have recommended the need to test your forages prior to winter feeding.

CFC Hay Options

At CFC Farm & Home Centers, we aim to take the guess work out of choosing the right hay. We have many options for you, from baled hay, to cubes and pellets, compressed hay, and chopped hay in a bag...(more)

Choosing the Right Hay for Your Horse

The time of harvest relative to the stage of plant maturity can affect the crude protein and digestible dry matter of hay. The issue then becomes “what hay is right for your horse?” That all depends on what your horse’s daily calorie and protein requirements are.

Judging Hay by Its Physical Characteristics

Assessing hay quality can be done in two ways. Much can be learned from physical inspection, and the more skilled you are at this the more accurate the results. Even more can be learned from utilizing a laboratory analysis.

The Best Way to Store and Open Bag of Chaffhaye

Chaffhaye is different from other hay products because, once opened, it acts like a fresh product.

Quality Hay Tarps Offer Good Return On Investment

The tarp will pay for itself the first year. Save you another $1,096 over the life of the tarp based on the fertilizer value of otherwise wasted hay. $1,096/4yr life = $273 ROI per year. More than 100% ROI, WOW!...(more)